Combat the sands of time and stay active

There´s one thing for certain. We all get older. And there´s nothing more scary than the prospect of becoming a frail, inactive pensioner. While sport science might not have yet discovered the elixir of youth, there are still things you can do to slow down the ageing process.


First of all let´s have a look what happens to our musculoskeletal system as we age:


  • We lose muscle cells as well as muscle size which leads to a decrease in muscle force, rate of force development, power and endurance.
  • There is a decrease in the rate that the nervous system conducts impulses to the muscles which is a major factor in speed development.
  • Connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons etc lose elasticity that ultimately contributes to loss of flexibility.

Whilst we demonstrate a slight decrease in strength from our 30s, we manage to keep hold of most of it until about the age of 40. BUT, from 40 onwards we see a massive and rapid strength reductions until the age of about 60 when the rate of decline levels out.


"Lifting weights has been proven to have
functional benefits for people in their 90s and research has shown that some 75
year old masters’ throwers are in fact stronger than sedentary men 30 years


It´s Never too late to start

Whilst strength is vital to us in order to function, it is muscular power that is perhaps the biggest and most relevant marker of performance at every level. Power shows similar, but much more dramatic, decreases as we age because it is a result of a combination of both muscle loss and the slowing down of the nervous system.  It´s worth noting that whilst loss of muscle power is important in the average athlete it also effects functioning in everyday life. For example, it´s vital for activities we all take for granted like enjoying a hike with the family, a skiing holiday or even something as simple as getting out of a chair or being able to climb stairs.


Whilst it may seem a bit obvious, active people lose less muscle function than their sedentary mates. In fact, it´s fair to say that the reason we feel old is because we act old. The less we do, the
weaker we get and so we can do even less.


This cycle needs to be Broken !!!!!!!!



The earlier you start, the better.




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