Your personal Trainer

Learn how a personalised training programme adapted to your very particular characteristics, needs and objectives can help YOU reach your goals faster. 


Your motives for wanting to train could be one of many: weight loss, increase muscle mass, tone– up, better your actual sport performances, increase strength o improve cardiovascular resistance. What ever your goal we’re here to help.


How could a PT benefit you?


If you currently go to the gym and would like to count on a personalised training
programme that is designed to produce continued improvement, you’ll find it

On the other hand if you don’t go the gym due to of a lack of time or you just
don’t like them, or if you need a personalised programme you can follow at
home, you’ll find it here.

If you suffer from back pain, muscle fatigue or if you’re constantly tired and run
down….. You need a personalised training programme, and once again you’ll find that here.

If you’re a sportsman or women wanting to improve overall performances o need to
prepare for a specific event, be it track n field, 5K or a marathon, what ever
your athletic goal might be, you’ll find the PT you need here.


So if you’re looking for ideas, information or professional advice on how to improve your quality of life through physical exercise and a balanced diet, you’ll find it here.


Your PT


How it works


Your programme will be planned and created taking into account your personal objectives, training
experience, diet, nutritional habits and present physical condition based on YOUR FULL profile information obtained from our inscription questionnaire that you fill out on registration. Once registered and your information up loaded onto our system, we’ll be permanently on call via mail to answer any question or to resolve any doubts you might have concerning your programme.


Only after our professional team has studied and analysed the information you have given us,
will the process of creating your personalised training programme begin. It’s at this moment during the process when our team might need to contact you if they feel that vital information is missing or if they need to clarify information they consider important to the final design and effectiveness of
your programme.


Once completed, we’ll send your finished programme to you via mail.




In order to maximise programme impact and provide you with a schedule that really works, capable of
effectively producing that physical change you desire, our training programmes are designed as modules and role out over periods of 12 weeks cycles.



Programme options - Tariffs & Charges


Option A

3 months: One 12 week Programme 60 GBP


Option B

6 Months: Two 12 week Programmes 100 GBP


Option C

9 Months: Three 12 week Programmes 140 GBP


The purchase of any of the above options will include not only the programme itself but with it
you’ll be entitled to exclusive partner programme promotions discounts on products and services, entertainment and travel, our sports and nutrition newsletter as well as access to our on line consultancy service to answer any and all questions or doubts you might have regarding your personal training programme.    


Register Now…..


Your body will thank you for it.


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